Millennial Compass

Millennial Compass

The Argentine Millennials insert themselves in a cautious way in the transformations that the Revolution 4.0 raises.

The Institute for the Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean (INTAL) and the Integration and Trade Sector (INT) of the IDB, commissioned Voices! the research for the development of the study "Compás Millennial: La generación Y en la era de la integración 4.0" (Millennial Compass: Generation Y in the era of integration 4.0).

The objective was to investigate the habits of technological consumption, education, expectations and labor situation of young Argentinians, who in the short and medium term will be most affected, positively or negatively, by the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Some findings of the study:

  • 64% want to promote trade integration with Latin America. Young people of all ideologies have an equally high positive image of Latin America, and even agree that the government should promote trade integration relations with the region. 
  • 93% of young people have cell phones with Internet access. Technology - particularly the Internet, mobile telephone and social networks - is deeply internalized in young people, who use it as a daily tool for entertainment and socialization. Its application in the workplace, training, access to information and in the use of e-commerce and collaborative platforms is diminished.
  • 85% prefer to link personally rather than through social networks. Although they spend more than 4 hours a day chatting, young people prefer face-to-face relationships, believe that social networks can violate privacy and are suspicious of the information published there.
  • 52% have a positive view of the future of Argentina and the region in relation to new technologies. In the next ten years, Argentina will stand out for its undertakings and technological developments. They have a similar vision about Latin America: it will achieve a place of relevance in the world thanks to the use of new technologies in production.
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