Opinions on different forms of birth in Argentina (2020)

Opinions on different forms of birth in Argentina (2020)


Within the framework of the World Week of Respected Childbirth, the results of the second national survey "Opinions on different forms of birth: Caesarean section and natural childbirth", carried out by Voices! at the request of Mujer Íntegra and Vicky Seguí, were announced.

The study was presented at the Seminar: "El Parto Respetado: Tejido propio, colectivo y composición" organized by the Degree in Obstetrics of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires.

An infography with the main findings, the report and the video of the presentation of the study are available.

Some findings from the study:

  • There is still a majority perception that C-sections in Argentina have increased in the last 10 years as well as a majority expectation that this trend will continue to increase. However, in both cases the comparison with 2016 data shows a decrease in this belief.
  • There continues to be broad agreement that C-sections are sometimes performed without medical necessity in the country.
  • At the same time, there is a slight increase, especially among young people, in the agreement that beyond the medical indication, women have the right to request a C-section.
  • The idea that natural childbirth favours the mother's recovery, the mother-baby connection, breastfeeding, the baby's general health and a safe birth is very important. However, the level of recognition of these benefits decreases compared to previous years.
  • Almost half the population indicates that women prefer natural births when making their choices, while 3 in 10 say they prefer Caesarean sections.
  • The most valued opinions and support for the pregnant woman are those of traditional professionals (obstetrician, pediatrician, midwife) followed by close relatives (partner, mother).
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