Pets in the Americas and pets in Argentina during quarantine

Pets in the Americas and pets in Argentina during quarantine


Study about pets conducted in 9 countries of America by WIN International and Voices! in Argentina. The report has an appendix with data from a study conducted by Voices! about the impact of quarantine on pets in Argentina: positive and negative effects, frequency of pet walking, and benefits and disadvantages of having a pet at this time.

Some findings of the regional study:

  • It shows the importance of the relationship with animals and plants, almost as much as with human life.
  • Most agree that animals should have the same rights as humans.
  • Balanced food is the most common way to feed pets and the most purchased product is flea remedies and treatments.

Some findings from the national study conducted during quarantine:

  • 53% of the surveyed pet owners state that their pets were not affected by the quarantine, 3 out of 10 state that it has had positive effects and only 2 out of 10 state negative effects.
  • More than 6 out of 10 say that having a pet in quarantine has more benefits than disadvantages because the presence of a pet at home involves company, helps to keep time occupied and helps to relax.
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