Public opinion study about Justice in Argentina

Public opinion study about Justice in Argentina


Of the seven institutions studied, in all cases distrust is greater than trust. Political parties are the least trusted: 84% of the population distrusts them.

The results of this work carried out by Voices! were disclosed at an event organized by Austral University, University of Belgrano (UB), University of Business and Social Sciences (UCES), University of Palermo (UP), University of Salvador (USAL) and UADE Foundation, on November 2017, within the framework of the activities of the Social Research Centre CIS UADE VOICES (CIS).

The research had two main central objectives: to know the main needs and demands of the population towards its "Judicial System" -that is to say, the judicial institutions, their structure, procedures and judicial norms- and to determine the average "Juridical Culture" of Argentine society, a concept that encompasses the attitudes and values related to the law that prevail in a society.

Some findings from the study:

  • There is a high level of mistrust in the Judicial System (8 out of 10 do not trust it).
  • Justice is seen as an inefficient system (79%).
  • Almost 7 out of 10 think that judges are influenced.
  • The main problems that the population perceives in the justice system are corruption and the excessive slowness in the resolution of disputes.
  • However, the majority of those who were in judicial litigation evaluated positively the way in which their litigation was resolved (6 out of 10).
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