School in Quarantine

School in Quarantine


Almost all parents interviewed (95%) affirm that their child school has implemented some system of distance education during the quarantine.

Voices! presented the results of its opinion study School in Quarantine in a Webinar moderated by Silvia Bacher, Martin Fierro's winning communicator, and the contributions of a panel of experts composed by Cora Steinberg, Education Specialist of UNICEF Argentina; Miguel Espeche, Psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in bonds; Gustavo Iaies, Director of the School of Educational Management of the ESEADE university Institute. The study investigates, from the parents' point of view, how families are living distance education in the context of the pandemic.

The recording of the Webinar and the report of the study are available.

Some findings of the study:

  • The general satisfaction with the school the children attend is very high (88%).
  • Most parents stated that their image of the school their children attend was positively impacted by the school's actions during the quarantine (64%). The actions of teachers had the greatest positive impact on their image, rising to 70%.
  • Parents expect schools to fulfil a variety of roles through distance education. Unanimously, continuing with the academic program is the most relevant.
  • 56% of parents believe that their children learn less in quarantine with the distance system.  
  • Among the parents who take care of the tasks, most of them (60%) declare to enjoy this task while a third (28%) consider this role as a heavy burden.
  • The gap in education in quarantine between state and private schools is particularly evident in the internet connection, devices and platforms used.
  • Fifty-five per cent of students seem to be less motivated with learning in quarantine.
  • Among the most frequently measured extracurricular activities are remote interaction with classmates and the practice of artistic activities.
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